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to contact, was linked to the same los angeles address. now a lot of questions. >> so many questions. >> a lot of the actors say they were duped. >> out and out duped. >> the main character in this film was george. wuptzn't muhammad. >> they thought it was about ancient times. this is what they say. also some of the dialogue actually dubbed in. so like they read certain lines then in post production, lines were dubbeden that were much more controversial. >> muhammad portrayed as a fraud, pedophile, womanizer and homosexual. and, bazil, according to a gentleman that helped, he was not israeli or youer but suggested an arab christian a refugee from the middle east. and calling islam a cancer. so this, this, bazil or whatever his name is, using a pseudonym has gone into hiding. make sure you stay with abc news for the latest as events in libya unfold. we will have updates throughout the morning on "america this morning" and later on "good morning america," of course throughout the day on abc as well as >>> let's go to a consumer alert about skin cream advertising. the feder
of los angeles. neighborhood yesterday as some bank robbers on the run started throwing cash out of the when dough of their suv. one woman called it a neighborhood stimulus package. she watched people scooping up the bills. look at that. it all came to an end. when a pickup truck blocked the suspect's car. they surrendered. the third high-speed chase in los angeles this week alone the you might remember an elaborate bank heist in east l.a. last week. the suspect is now under arrest. a group of robbers kidnapped the bank manager from her home. strapped what turned out to be a fake bomb to her. then they forced her to rob money from her own bank. turns out the suspect arrested, uh-huh, it's the manager's boyfriend. he has already posted bail. and he has been released. very interesting. >> strange one indeed. >> you know what else is interesting, the weather right now. actually quite nice in some areas of the country. showers in the four corners of the southwest. thunderstorms across texas, also from oklahoma city to saint louis and chicago. showers from savannah done to miami. yet
for his performance in "the green mile" michael clarke duncan died tonight in los angeles. besides the green mile he had a string of other block busters. he was engaged to marry omarosa. he was 54 years old. >>> a legal nightmare for the grandson of the red bull founder. he is accused of hitting and killing a police officer with a ferrari and dragging his body down the street. he was traced back to the foul compound by following a trail of motor oil. the family is worth nearly $5.5 billion. the top police official in bangkok says that another officer tried to cover for the suspect. >>> prince harry made his first appearance since nude photos in sin city were leaked. he appeared at ease and made no reference to the scandal. two weeks ago a newspaper released nude photos of him in los angeles. >>> children who take medication for asthma may grow up to be shorter an their peers. children who took the drug grew to be an inch shorter than other adults. but they point out that the drug's benefits outweigh the risks. >>> paying more to buy organic foods may not be worth it. buying organic
a campground in the angeles national forest. that's northeast of los angeles. officials say it's burned more than 4,000 acres. it's only 5% contained. about 12,000 visitors who flocked to the park for the labor day weekend had to be evacuated. suraya fadel from kcbs in los angeles has more. >> this is my little bit of heaven and i want it to stay just the way it is. >> reporter: a sense of worry and fear among the group of mountain residents who refuse to leave their homes. >> some people have absolutely no other place to go that are here. they're making it just barely. >> reporter: flames continue to race sporadically through graveyard canyon in the san gabriel canyon mountains of the angeles national forest. >> i'm going to stick it out until the boss says it's time. and then when it's time, it's time, we're going. >> reporter: what's your biggest concern? >> i don't want this place to burn up. this is my home. >> oh, i couldn't even sleep last night. i was up until 4:00 in the morning checking the fire, see how it was going. everything was aglow. >> reporter: lou stevens is 1 of the 25 re
. they encourage everyone to come out and enjoy the dinner show and make a donation. >>> authorities in los angeles say work is on schedule to reopen a ten-mile stretch of one of the world's busiest freeways by tomorrow morning's commute. this is a live helicopter shot of the 405 connecting west l.a. to the san fernando valley. the freeway has been shut down since friday night until crews demolish the overpass. i it's being called carmegeddon 2. if the work doesn't get finished in time. last year the first phase went fine and this time around caltrans is saying, so far, so good. >> bart trains are we rerouted around the pleasant hill station which means one of platforms is going to be closed. they are trying to stop water dripping. there is water that collected around the fair gates back during the winter months. work continues during four weekends between now and the end of october. so check with bart how to get around that work. >> a record number of riders taking caltrain adding six more trains starting tomorrow. they will two brand-new trains and four others that were moth-balled. they are rear
the window. >> an awesome video in los angeles. home of so much make believe this was not fiction as abc's nick watt reports it was fact. >> reporter: in that speeding black suv, four guys who just robbed a bank in santa clarita. the cops hot on their tail, a chase topping 100 miles an hour. so far, so l.a. then this bundles of cash thrown from the back seat as the car raced through town. people rushed into the streets to scoop up the money. >> see people diving into the street to get the cash. >> reporter: look at that again, they're throwing money out the window? what is this, robin hood? >> you can see all the pedestrians out here. >> reporter: word got out. crowd got thicker. cheering benevolent bandits. >> this is all evidence. >> reporter: the third high-speed chase in l.a. this week. monday a suspected drug dealer actually got away. a rare occurrence. >> he crashed. >> reporter: the suspected murderer cornered, opened up on the cops with an ak-47. >> he has got the weapon in his hand. looks look he want down. ak-47. trying to return fire. >> reporter: all those suspected bank robb
in the bay area. but she will spend the weekend here. monday, she leaves for los angeles and then, back to burma. in san francisco, abc7 news. [chanting]. >> outside the ceremony, burmese muslims called on the leader to raise her voice against genocide and discrimination. they claim tens of thousands of muslims have died in nearly 100,000 have been displacedplacd denied food and shelter. the muslims came to burma from bangladesh. they accuse the mayan mar government of discriminating against them because of their dark-skinned color and religion. christopher stevens, the late ambassador to libya and grad here was killed this month in an attack on the u.s. cancalate in libbia. initial reports blamed it on an american-made anti-muslim film. but further investigation revealed that terrorists were behind the murder. stevens was honored in a moment of silence before the cal/arizona game and a memorial fund has been established in his name. the imlufs came-- the gloves came off in a heated debate this weekend. he opposes measure "n," which moore and the progressive alliance supports, it would
, and then it will make its way to a los angeles museum, but there's the other shot. and clear. how cool is that? i could watch that all day. as i said earlier, we call this dream-o-vision because this represented our future, you know, the space program. now it's the end of an era. we're finding other ways to get into space. the shuttle program no longer in existence, and now many of these shuttles are going around the country to museums, those that are still around. you know, we lost a couple in flight. this is all good news. this is interesting. kids, grown-ups, everyone, will be able to go to the museum and take part in history really looking at this and what was once our future, amazingly, now our past. how soon we move on and progress. let's see what is next. here's endeavour owner. >>> congress has left the building and won't be back until after the election. a recess without taking care of key business, like looming fiscal cliff and the farm bill. well, you know nancy pelosi weighed in, john boehner is weighing in. you do not want to miss what they are saying about this. ahhhh drill sound chirping
, abc news, los angeles. gangnam style >> oh, nick. >> nick's pretty good at that. you will not get fired, sam, for a little bit of gangnam style. >> you're right. there will be no possibility of it. >>> let's just get -- >> give it a go. give it a go. >> let's give these kids their jobs back, by the way. i'm sure city property's been used for worse. okay? let's show you what's happening here. we have that cold front. this is the front that made its big move across the country and dropped temperatures by about 30 degrees as it passed through with strong storms. now, it settles into florida. it will bring some rain with it. it's not going to bring you strong cooling. it's weakened now. about five degrees cooler in the area that gets the front through. here's where the heat stays. there's big fire watches and warnings out. for the northern part of this map. 80 in omaha. some gusty winds, very warm and dry air. >> now, thankfully, the big booed settles down. we'll have america's weather in the next half hour. >>> coming up on "gma," stunning secret recordings made in one woman's home.
burned 75 acres. check out the fire in los angeles. the fire started during the friday afternoon rush hour snarling the city's already infamous commute and burned through the night. and a tentative deal in chicago between the teachers union and the city's school board. union officials will meet sometime between now and sunday to draft framework for a deal. >>> and you might think they would be on the other side of this fight. the aclu suing the state of georgia on behalf of the ku klux klan over a violation of free speech. the klan filed for an adopt a highway permit back in june with you were turned down by the state's department of transportation because of the group's history of violence. well, the aclu says no matter how offensive the klan's positions may be everyone is entitled to freedom of speech. >> coming up, more responses to a story we told you about last hour. do you think a professor should have breast fed her baby during class? we still want to hear from you. tweet us at randikayecnn or victorcnn. we took the best of the old and combined it with modern technology. togeth
, abc news, los angeles. >> nick's pretty good at that. you will not get fired. >> you're right. there will be no possibility of it. >>> let's just get -- >> give it a go. give it a go. >> let's give these kids their jobs back, by the way. i'm sure city property's been used for worse. okay? let's show you what's happening here. we have that cold front. this is the front that made its big move across the country and dropped temperatures by about 30 degrees. now, it settles into florida. it will bring some rain with it. it's not going to bring you strong cooling. it's weakened now. about five degrees cooler in the area that gets the front through. here's where the heat stays. there's big fire watches and warnings out. 80 in omaha. some gusty winds, very warm and dry air. >> good morning. i am jacqui jeras. if you are not looking at your tv and just listening, look over, look at this sunrise. a beautiful start. some clouds in the sky. clearing out. there is the clearing line just of us.n top watch for those clouds to be out and become a mostly sunny. 72.high torture is 67 to >> now
. they wanted to do it in the lowest key way possible. and what you're looking at now in los angeles at midnit on a friday night, that's about as low-key as it gets. >> that is for sure. miguel marquez, great reporting. thank you, appreciate that. >>> now to those anti-american protests fanning across the middle east right now. specially trained marines have been sent to beef up security in libya, yemen and sudan. american embassies have been targeted by protesters. those protests haven't only been in the middle east. this one took place in australia overnight. protesters there clashed with police near the u.s. consulate. we've seen protests in more than a dozen countries. the majority have been mostly peaceful protests, though. this all started with protests in egypt and libya. four americans were killed in the libyan attack, including ambassador christopher stevens. the bodies of t victims were returned to the u.s. friday. libya now says the attack was carried out under the thumb of al qaeda, who used the outrage over the anti-muslim film to disguise their pre-planned attack. president obama
ignited widespread protests throughout the muslim world. los angeles deputies paraded the man out of his southern california home early this morning. authorities say the man wrapped in a towel, then wanted to question him about possible probation violation. he served prison time for bank fraud and is banned from using a computer. the film "innocence of muslims" was uploaded to youtube. the man is not in custody or under arrest. shed more light behind the controversial film, joined by cnn's miguel marquez. why take him in for questioning now? what's with the timing in all of this? >> this is all part of the federal government's effort to investigate his parole -- his -- terms of his parole. and probation. he's on five years supervised probation after being convicted of bank fraud in 2010. one of 26 conditions that go along with that probation and one of them is that he's not allowed to use any devices or access the internet without first informing his parole officer, having his parole officer sign off on that device or in way he's using the internet. i mean, there are certain things like
and los angeles. last month, the gop fell bihind a few million and every dollar is critical. and especially given the high price of political ads on tv. and that's where the war will be waged. in san diego this afternoon. romney blasted the president over the handling of the economy. >> he increased the number of food stamps 15 million. that's more of the population of ohio a randomly selected state. it is a tragedy. it is it a human trag these are brothers and and real americans who are in poverty because of the policies of the president. >> romney heads to colorado tomorrow for a evening rally in denver. >> congressman paul ryan active on the trail. >> he was campaigning in florida promoting his medicare plan in a state where 25 percent of the electorate is over 65 and the president is leading boy a few points margin. ryan's budget plan calls for support for democrat to buy freist insurance and ryan attacked the president this way. mitt romney and i have looked at the issue. worked with democrats, come up with the best ideas from both parties for a plan to save medicare. p
following the story, and he joins me now from los angeles. good morning, miguel. so why was he meeting with police to begin with? >> reporter: well, he wasn't meeting with police. he was meeting with his probation officer. l.a. county sheriff's detectives picked him up around midnight to go and see his probation officer. media had been camped out there all week. clearly from those pictures you were showing, this is a guy who does not want to be seen. i'm sure he fears perhaps for his life. but there are other things out there. this is a man who was on probation until 2015. he was convicted in 2010 of identity fraud and identity theft. he has a slew of conditions that he has to keep up with, most interestingly that he is not supposed to use any device acce his probation officer ok'ing it. here are a few words from steve whitmore as to why they took him in. >> the l.a. county sheriff's department assisted federal probation officers in a voluntary interview -- nobody is arrested. nobody is detained. nobody is in custody. the gentleman came on his own accord. we're just assisting them in t
, the actors say, in a studio outside of los angeles. as nbc's mike tiebi reported. they said they didn't know  exactly what kind of film they were making. >> reporter: the film was supposedly going to be titled "desert warrior" in the casting call as an historical arabian desert film. 50 rolls were cast. a romantic tyrant. but the video, some of which was shot here and retitled "innocence of muslims" is a nonstop sequence of insults against muslim and its prophet muhammad. >> if they are depicting the prophet muhammad in negative terms, i could see just about any muslim to be insulted. very much like if you depict, for example, jesus, jesus christ in very negative terms, most devoted christians would be alienated. >> reporter: in that casting call, the producer is listed as sam bacile, reportedly in hiding now. but a key moving force behind the film is spokesman steven klein. he's led anti-islamic protests and has an internet show called "wake up america." klein said bacile is a pseudonym for the producer who came to him. >> i wasn't afraid to tell the truth on this stuff. >> reporter: but
angeles and then leaves for burma tomorrow. >>> authorities in los angeles say work is on schedule to reopen a ten-mile stretch of one of the world's busiest freeways in time for tomorrow morning's commute. this is a live look at interstate 405 over the pass connecting west l. a. to the san fernando valley. the freeway has been shut down since friday night while crews demolish an overpass. it's being called carmageddon 2 because of the potential to create a traffic nightmare throughout l.a. if work doesn't get finished in time. last year was carmageddon 1 and this time they say so far so good. here's a preview of the accuweather forecast. >> we had some fog yesterday. today we are still looking at warmer conditions. here's a look outside from the roof camera. temperatures in the lower 50s, fog at the coast. still clear around the bay. you get a glimpse of that full moon, almost full. we are talking about still upper 90s inland and warm temperatures to start the week. your forecast is next. >> thank you, lisa. also ahead, the amazing a's do it again. another walk-off victory in dram
center where it will become an exhibit. the city of los angeles agreed to raise power lines and cut down 400 trees to clear the way for the shuttle's parade route. to get local support, the science center agreed to plant up to four trees for each one they cut down. back in houston, a spectator was asked if he was disappointed the shuttle's two- day visit was shortened to one. >> well, you know, we'll take what we can. los angeles is crying about the trees. they can keep the trees and we'll keep the shuttle. how's that? >> reporter: i'm ed payne for 9news now. >> well, this weekend nasa langley research are in is holding its first open house in five years of the the facility is in hampton, virginia about three hours south of the beltway. it will be open from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. you'll be able to see a dozen different things there. there are hands on activities for kids and you will also get a chance to meet shuttle astronaut dr. anna fisher who is very special to us here at 9news now. she just happens to be kristin firer's mom. >> and a lovely woman. >> speaking of people who are spec
are the latest to move out. only two of the 23 new fall dramas are being shot in los angeles. big tv dramas mean big-time jobs. >> a typical drama, 22-episode drama will hire 840 people. >> paul keeps track of area production as president of film l.a. >> california is way behind. if they had at the beginning of the incentives race come out with a modest incentive that was broadly based, it would have shut down the whole race. >> now states like new york are battling for bragging rights as the new entertainment hub. >> we see the mayor and governor of new york claiming in this century they will be the center of film and television production. >> the loss of tv drama production alone. >> we're down so far that where we used to own 80%, we're down to about 29% this year. >> a decline that's draining the wallets of local production workers like dagg along with california coffers. the solution, dagg says it starts at the legislative level with a push for more competitive tax incentives. >> what will this place look like if things don't turn around? >> i don't think any of this -- i don't think any of
about the controversial filmmaker and the family, they have left their los angeles home for parts unknown. deputies say they reunited him with his relatives and drove them to an undisclosed location. >>> more than 130 inmates on the loose this morning after escaping from a prison in northern mexico. right near the texas border. authorities say the prisoners broke out through a 20-foot tunnel yesterday, and cut their way through a chain link fence. they are now questioning the staff to see if they were involved. most of the fugitives were in for federal crimes like drug trafficking. >>> a north carolina court is hearing new testimony in the four decade old "fatal vision" case. former green beret and doctor jeffrey macdonald trying to clear his name in the 1970 murders of his pregnant wife and two young daughters. new dna evidence was introduced monday. there was a statement from a deputy u.s. marshal who sa, a woman had told him she was in the family's apartment the night of the attack. >>> a texas mom is demanding answers from her son's middle school saying administrators paddled
coast. they've had an earthquake of 3.3 magnitude around los angeles area. near beverly hills. anything over three, it's weak. usually doesn't do any damage. but people usually feel it. so in the next hour, couple of minutes, even coming up, we'll have more reports of that. 76, our temperature right now. look around the area. we're 72 up north. 76 in d.c. 78 degrees right now around packs river with all that cloud cover. we're going to be seeing more showers and even some thunderstorms later today. especially after noontime. we're going to be get ing there. oxon hill, maryland, 72. keep that umbrella handy. we're going to top out at 83 degrees with a high temperature today. very tropical not just today but tuesday and wednesday. mike? >> thank you very much, rveron a veronica. hov restrictions lifted with the exception of route 50 in maryland. southbound 395 still have the vehicle fire at edsall road. 495 is still blocked. live look. not much of a delay. 13- 13-minute delay to the beltway at 51 miles an hour. looking good on the beltway in maryland. let's take a live look. here we are a
welcome the 2012 national chair of the democratic national convention, los angeles mayor, antonio r. villaraigosa. >> the third section of the 36 quadrennial national convention of the democratic party will now come to order. [applause] a fewt gavel times in my life. please stand for the indication by gabriel salguero. >> let us pray. almighty, god, we have come to this place mindful of our absolute need to view. we confess that america has always needed your guidance, your strength, and your protection. lord, we acknowledge that we need your direction so as not to stray too far from the shores of your purposes. as he walked into the autumn of elections, we pray that we would continue to guide this great nation. republicans, independents, and democrats, never to tire in the work of justice and mercy. we should always helped the most vulnerable around us -- the child, the widow, the orphan, and a stranger. give us the courage to face the giants that threaten our life together and help us to force the future of our democracy from the better angels of our nature. lord, we know we still
at an ohio rally and the 1972 democratic convention. on newsmakers, the los angeles mayor, the chairman of the democratic national convention. he previews the convention that begins tuesday in charlotte, north carolina and talks about campaign issues. sunday at 10:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. eastern on c-span. >> i can only surmise, you know, there are a lot of cheap -- a lot of cages. >> i grabbed my cameraman and try to be important. >> i finagle my way onto one of the buses. the security council people seem pretty up sites. -- pretty uptight. are we the only ones here? the 99 bottles of beer on wall 99 bottles of beer ♪ come on, nobody? >> the french at the beginning of the crisis and here, we have --se belligerents fighters, >> it sounds to me like he is dodging the question. i walked out of my apartment in upper west side manhattan. nice place to live. i came out and i was greeted by a man who was very nicely dressed. in a well-made suit. waiting for me outside my apartment and he says "are you ami horowitz?" my spider since started tingling and i say yes. and he asked me if this movie
-loathing and doubt now that it's showtime. these messages are among 250 pages of e-mails obtained by "los angeles times." michael jackson described in them is a jackson the public never saw. ♪ >> reporter: not even in "this is it," the behind-the-scenes movie documenting prep for the disturbing comeback. but this slurred phone message recorded a month before his death played at conrad murray's trial seems to support assertions jackson was not well. the underwriter of the comeback show is new suing aeg, claiming the company lied about jackson's health to secure a $17.5 million insurance policy. jackson's heirs are also suing aeg, claiming promoters pressured him to perform. we could not reach aeg for comment, but aeg claiming promoters pressured him. lawyers for the company told the l.a. times these messages are incomplete and leaked to portray the company in a negative light. nick watt, abc news, los angeles. ♪ >> wow, there is not a bigger m.j. fan on the planet than i am. it is just unbelievable to see just his last couple months how sad they were, how completely unraveled he seemed to be.
cultural history nick watt, abc news, los angeles. >> i could not look away. >> i was telling you beforehand. i watched the first five minutes. i went down and got distracted. i missed the chair part. the money. >> the chair, just unbelievable. >> i saw it all on tape. >> trying to figure it out. is the chair. is he losing it? what's up with the chair? >> like he said it was memorable. it was a lot of the above. he succeeded. >> who remembers anything else. all about the chair. >> exactly. we will be right back. >> invisible obama in the chair. ha-ha. invisible obama in the chair. ha-ha. hd-8. >>> this morning on "world news w" -- >>> this morning on "world news now" -- tale of the tape. a secret recording has mitt romney doing damage control. >> the republican nominee faced reporters last night responding to his comments about president obama supporters and entitlements. it's tuesday, september 18th. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." >>> good morning. i'm june muller. >> i'm sunny hostin. rob and paula are on assignment. we fweelt to that explosive tape, rock
this the last several days. this all started out in los angeles on monday when he gave that speech to the u.s. hispanic chamber of commerce, and then these videos came out of nowhere for mother jones making sfwleen and has forced his campaign to sort of play a coup of days of defense. now, he is starting to turn that around. you're right. that video that you just showed him talking about, well, maybe i might have a better time getting elected if i were a latino, i would expect, yes, tonight at this univision forum that jorge >> what's the translation for you? >> i don't know whether to laugh or cry. the underlying tone here is somehow you have this rich white guy who thinks that his life would be easier -- you can see that they give the same reference, and i think there's an element of folks out there -- i always have to remind myself of this, who really do think that gee whiz, if i can only been born a latino male or an african-american woman, man, i would have my pick of colleges, i could go to any job i wanted to. a really bizarre statement. >> you write in particular, i'm tempted to res
vegas. almost very warm. low clouds, fog giving way to sunshine in los angeles by afternoon, 79 degrees. there is sunny skies and there are high temperatures into 60s. fog pulling away from coast areas. 81 santa rosa. 92, clear lake, 70 oakland concord, antioch, mid-80s, there is 73 degrees in santa cruz, cooling off wednesday, but warmer weather is coming your way later on this week this is the first week of fall. and we do get warmth spells so we'll be waiting for that. >> and there is not the hunting rival it's what comes with it that is a target. >> we're talking bullets and bling. an unusual promotion, coming up. >> there is a review on health care plans. >> and in the abc 7 newsroom registering to vote a day of an election comes to california. concerns about voter fraud. >> and tweets that could inspire a >>> a georgia jeweler has a perfect ring for a shotgun wedding. >> very the best deal for you. >> he says he does. buy a diamond ring worth $2500 at this georgia jewelry store, your gift is a free rifle to go with it. the owner says he can't buy the kind of publicity he's getting
product who says he wants to be one day the mayor of los angeles. if ucla wins this game and an election is tomorrow, he wins. >> charles: look out mayor vee a la go sa. you could be defeated by trow morning. >> referee: false start, offense. number 60. five-yard penalty. >> charles: what did jim mora tell julie alexander at the half? that they needed to capitalize going into the half or whatever. that they needed to capitalize after getting a defensive stop. that's what he wanted his offense to get done. they're getting that done right now. >> gus: jim mora, deep breath. second and third teams. hundley. hundley, out of bounds. pushed out of bounds by p.j. smith. >> charles: trying to use the pursu of nebraska against itself, showing flow in one direction toward the field, to the wide side. and then coming back to the backside with one lead blocker out in front on an offensive lineman. >> gus: third down and six at the nebraska 16. thigpen in the backfield with hundley. hundley. goes up top. fauria, and he couldn't bring it in. daimion stafford got enough on it to break it up. >> charles
news, los angeles. >> that's the greatest. >> i love it. >>> coming up, more great stuff. we have "the play of the day" that will have you flipping out. see you in a minute. boring. boring. [ jack ] after lauren broke up with me, i went to the citi private pass page and decided to be...not boring. that's how i met marilyn... giada... really good. yes! [ jack ] ...and alicia. ♪ this girl is on fire [ male announcer ] use any citi card to get the benefits of private pass. more concerts, more events, more experiences. [ jack ] hey, who's boring now? [ male announcer ] get more access with the citi card. [ crowd cheering, mouse clicks ] i don't have time for the flu. that's why i'm knocking things off my to-do list. vitamin d, done! hand sanitizer, done! hey, eric! i'm here for my flu shot. sorry, didn't make an appointment. well, you don't need one. whether it's flu shots or prescriptions, we continue to accept express scripts and medco plans. i'm bonnie, and this is my cvs. are made with sweet cherries and the crisp, clean taste of our cranberries. i cannot tell a lie -- 'tis tasty. ok
of mark fuller's mandarin class. mark strassmann, cbs news, macon, georgia. >> jeff: los angeles dprifers know it as the 405. this weekend it was shut down cutting off the nation's busiest highway, the drivers so an overpass could be demolished and carpool lane added. despite a baseball game and triathlon today, all went well. it was not the carmegeddon part 2 that officials had feared. another unusual transportation note from off the coast of california, a man named dean o'malley flew his jet pack 26 miles across the sea to catalina island, a record distance for a jet pack ride. >> when outlaws bonnie and clyde went down in a heal of bullets in 1934, bonnie park her a .38 taped to her thigh, clyde a .45 in his waist. today those weapons were auctioned off in new hampshire. the bonnie and clyde guns sold to the same bidder for a total of $504,000. >> from the battlefield to the briz iron, a decorated combat veteran returns it to a long time goal, playing college football. a long time goal, playing college football. that story is next. turn an entrepreneur's dream... ♪ into a scooter tha
asking about the tremor. in nearby west los angeles, police say there were no phone calls. >>> time 7:32. >>> an around the clock vigil continues at a hospital where one of their own is being treated after having a heart attack on the job. frank ryan is in critical but stable condition. he collapsed on thursday fighting a fire at saint patrick cathedral. the firefighters taking turns, taking meals to his family as they maintain a vigil at the regional medical center of san jose. they've also started collecting money to help the family with expenses. >> sleep overnight just waiting for word that if there's any change and, of course, hopeful that it will be good news. >> ryan is a veteran of the san jose firearm. his family members said he's showing signs of improvement. they're optimistic he will pull through. >>> it is 7:33. protesters plan to gather for a march and rally this morning outside the chevron refinery. they want company executives to be prosecuted for last month's fire claiming they put workers and the community at risk. the march is being held by united public workers for
. two more fund-raisers in southern california, los angeles and san diego. this comes, by the way, as he gets a clean bill of health from longtime family doctor. he says he is suited for the rigors of being president and only problem he appears to have some high cholesterol. >> gregg: he joins a lot of americans with that issue. >>> nominee paul ryan than the isn't the only one campaigning in wisconsin. president obama is there as well. we have the latest from the campaign trail straight ahead. >> heather: right now romney and president obama is campaigning in different parts of the country. week and a half from now they will meet face on face at a stage in denver on the first presidential debate. both sides are expected to come out swinging. what can we expect? jamie weinstein joins us with more. thanks for joining us? >> thank you for having me. >> heather: 12 days from now, it's a domestic policy debate. what is the most important thing each of the candidates going forward? >> i think for romney no question he has to convey that the economy, everyone agrees is not in the best shape, i
," see celia vega, abc news, los angeles. > a tough road to follow for anyone. >>> we have an abc exclusive with the most popular writer on the planet. the author that imagined harry potter has written her first book for cults. cynthia mcfadden went to scotland to talk to j.k. rowling. >> this book is so secret, i had to read it in the publisher's office. this isn't the real book. there's a michael corder book underneath. they wouldn't let me leave the building without it. rowling may be known for her harry potters series. but her newest book could be no different. this new book is about a grim reality, in part drawn from rowling's own painful past. ♪ under my umbrella >> reporter: you may be wonder what rihanna's song "umbrella," could have to do with j.k. rowling. it's not that we're about to need one on this day. the song features prominently in rowling's new book. went into a couple of bookstores in town. and there's posters everywhere. >> i can't go in book shops at the moment. >> reporter: the new novel is called "the casual vacancy." it might as well be called great expec
to baby basically provides essentials to children in poverty in los angeles. and so it's a local organization. i started a company in january and i embedded in the dna of my business model to give to charity and i think good business, also doing good by -- for people. >> good for you. >> your kids are doing well? >> my kids are doing well. >> how old are they, by the way? >> they are 1 and 4. and so yeah, the cause is very obviously personal because i can't imagine not being able to provide for my babies. >> so cute. can we just live in the pictures. so cute. tanya, you were -- you're honored for a special reason. you started this great cause about -- it's athletes for cancer and your brother died when he was younger and it kind of propelled you to do this. >> quite young, wasn't he? >> he passed away when he was 19 years old. and it was just a very difficult struggling time and i tried turn my grief into something positive and athletes for cancer came about. >> you have raised a lot of money. >> we have. our real focus is on cancer survivors and helping them get their lives back
has died in a los angeles hospital after nearly two months of treatments following a heart attack president of duncan appeared in dozens of -- attack. duncan appeared in dozens of box office hits like planet of the apes and the green mile. he was nominated for an oscar for his performance. dunn campus 54. >>> patrick feeks body came home to edgewater today. he was killed in afghanistan more than two weeks ago. laura evans with the story. >> today's homecoming was especially moving because so many people showed up taking time out of their holiday to honor a man they had never even met. [ sirens ] >> with honor and gratitude fellow americans boned only through country paying tribute -- bonded only through country paying tribute to petty officer first class feeks killed in afghanistan august 16th. his helicopter crashed during a firefight win is urgents. today his body returned -- with insurgents. today his body returned, not the homecoming his family hoped here. most here never even knew patrick feeks but all realized he gave his life fighting for freedom and wanted to say thank you
on that evidence for a bit and that's because i just got off the phone with los angeles county coroner's and they tell me they've completed the autopsy reports on lewis and davis. they'll have to wait about six weeks for the toxicology reports, but we do now know the cause of death for catherine davis. we're being told blunt head trauma as well as strangulation. it's been officially ruled a homicide, but one thing investigators say they're looking into is whether or not drugs may have played a part here because of the business sequence of events. you have an extremely gruesome crime scene. someone who's accused of killing his 81-year-old landlord, her cat, turning on his neighbor and a painter, then climbing the building and falling to his death and one report is whether or not lewis may have been on the so-called designer drug, it's called smiles and at a news conference today, they were asked about this. let's listen to what they had to say. >> there are several new drugs coming out after bath salts. new drugs come out all the time and young people try new drugs all the time. that's
day the mayor of los angeles. if ucla wins this game and an election is tomorrow, he wins. >> charles: look out mayor vee a la go sa. you could be defeated by tomorrow morning. >> referee: false start, offense. number 60. five-yard penalty. >> charles: what did jim mora tell julie alexander at the half? that they needed to capitalize going into the half or whatever. that they needed to capitalize after getti stop. that's what he wanted his offense to get done. they're getting that done right now. >> gus: jim mora, deep breath. second and third teams. hundley. hundley, out of bounds. pushed out of bounds by p.j. smith. >> charles: trying to use the pursuit of nebraska against itself, showing flow in one direction toward the field, to the wide side. and then coming back to the backside with one lead blocker out in front on an offensive lineman. >> gus: third down and six at the nebraska 16. thigpen in the backfield with hundley. hundley. goes up top. fauria, and he couldn't bring it in. daimion stafford got enough on it to break it up. >> charles: what a stand by the nebraska defense af
in los angeles searched the home of a bank manager today after she was forced to help rob her own bank. investigators say two men kidnapped the woman from her home yesterday, strapped what they said was a bomb to her body, and forced her to get money from the bank. a bomb squad blew up the device. it turned out it was not a bomb. police say today's search was part of their standard procedure and at this point the manager is not a suspect. >>> to politics now, the president gets to set to make his case for a second term after bill clinton presented a lengthy argument last night. president obama will delivered his speech to a much smaller live audience than originally planned, the weather forcing the speech inside. steve handelsman is covering the convention for us. >> reporter:. president obama has been formally renominated. he's gotten a rousing endorsement from the most loved democrat. >> if you want a future of shared prosperitity where the middle classes growing and poverty is declining, you have to vote for barack obama. >> reporter: tonight it's imfor the president to make his own
the whistle" on police abuses. protesters from los angeles to new york sought to draw attention to police brutality and the disproportionate targeting of people of color. the organizer joined dozens of other protesters in harlem. >> we will see how the police respond. they may step back and hope we will stop after a while and things can go back to normal, but we're determined not to go back to normal because normal is people being stepped on by the police each and every day in new york city. most are black or latino, and almost all are doing nothing wrong. that kind of normal has to be disrupted. >> in white plains, lawyers for the family a police shooting victim kenneth chamberlain appeared in court thursday to defend a $21 million federal lawsuit. chamberlain, a 68-year-old marine veteran, was shot dead last on november 19 by police officer anthony carelli at his white plains home after police responded to a false alarm from his medical alert pendant. despite chamberlains insistence he was ok, police broke down his door, tasered him, and shot him dead. one officer can be heard on a reco
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